Government consultation to ban conversion therapies

Response to Launch of Government Consultation on Conversion Therapy

On Friday 29 October 2021 the UK Government announced the consultation on how to make coercive conversion therapies illegal in the UK.

Director, Jayne Ozanne has released a statement:

“Whilst I welcome the launch of the goverrnment’s consultation on “conversion therapy”, and the fact that it proposes both criminal and civil remedies to ban “conversion therapy”, I am deeply concerned about the loophole it creates by allowing adults to consent to these harmful and degrading practices. The consultation document makes little mention of the harm that religious practices are known to cause, nor does it recognise that the government’s own research has shown that these form the majority of such practices in the UK – instead it focuses on “talking therapies” in clinical settings. This is a grave mistake and will come as a severe blow to all survivors who have bravely shared their stories in the hope that the government will protect others. The Cooper Report has made clear that there are strong legal grounds to limit religious freedoms in order to protect people from harm, and I therefore urge the government to use this consultation to listen to the lived experiences of survivors rather than prioritising the needs of would be perpetrators, particularly those within a religious setting.”

Press coverage

Interview on BBC Radio 4:

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