2018 Survey Media

media Coverage of Survey Results

Read Press Release highlighting the results (issued February 20th 2019) and Press Release launching the project (issued December 8th 2018)

BBC One Nolan Live – Jayne speaks to Stephen Nolan about the dangers of conversion therapy, BBC One Northern Ireland, March 6th 2019 (from 42:30 mins)

C4 News broke the story – Minnie Stephenson interviews Jayne, along with Bishop Paul Bayes and Ed Prout regarding the results of the 2018 Faith & Sexuality Survey, February 20th 2019 Wednesday 20th February 2019

BBC R4 Sunday Programme (listen at 29:40) – February 24th 2019

Fifth of gay Brits who try to change sexuality attempt suicide, survey says – Reuters, February 20th 2019

Questions Raised on Conversion Therapy Ban – Church Times, February 20th 2019

Conversion therapy can result in mental illness, poll finds – The Guardian, February 20th 2019

One fifth of gay cure therapy survivors have attempted suicide, survey finds – Pink News, February 20th 2019

Gay people are being forced to have straight sex as part of ‘conversion therapy’ requested by religious leaders, Church survey reveals – Daily Mail, February 21st 2019

Gay Christians in UK forced to have straight sex in ‘gay cure therapies’ – shock survey – Express, February 21st 2019

Faith and Sexuality Survey results published – Thinking Anglicans, February 21st 2019

New study directly links ‘conversion therapy’ to reports of suicide, self-harm and eating disorders – Gay Times, February 21st 2019

Conversion therapy leads to high rate of suicidal thoughts among survivors – Gay Star News, February 21st 2019

Survey Reveals Impact of Conversion Therapy on Mental Health – Happiful Magazine, February 21st 2019

Conversion therapy report reveals ‘urgent’ need for safe-guarding – Christian Today, February 21st 2019

Gay conversion therapy is ‘scarring’ people, report warns Church – Premier Christian Radio, February 21st 2019

Premier Christian Radio News Hour (listen 10mins in) – February 21st 2019

LGBQ+ children ‘harmed by gay-conversion therapy’ Matthew Wright Talk Radio (listen at 1505) – February 21st 2019

Survey finds religious leaders are forcing people to change their sexual identity – Church of England Newspaper, February 22nd 2019

Read Press Release for December 9th 2018

Faith groups to defy ban on ‘gay cure’ therapy – Sunday Times, December 9th 2018

Church of England bishops back inquiry into gay conversion therapy – Pink News, December 9th 2018

Church of England bishops to start inquiry into so-called ‘gay cure’ therapies that can involve counselling or even ‘corrective rape’ – Daily Mail, December 9th 2018

Church of England bishops back conversion therapy inquiry – Gay Star News, December 10th 2018